Opencell and Vodafone pilot indoor 4G for high rise offices

Written by David Adams

The days of mobile reception blackspots in your office could be numbered: Opencell and Vodafone have launched the first centralised indoor 4G mobile signal solution at engineering and construction firm AECOM’s new European headquarters building in the City of London.

Increased use of materials such as solar-reflective glass and environmentally-friendly construction methods have hampered mobile signals in many high-rise buildings, but the new solution allows anyone in the AECOM building to access Vodafone 4G coverage via Opencell. The solution is enabled by a shared transmission service powered by Opencell’s small cell technology and SpiderCloud Wireless. Opencell partners all four UK mobile operators and expects to make a multi-operator solution available during 2018.

“The days of people accepting mobile signal dead zones in their buildings are over, and this faster, completely secure connectivity will help many leapfrog from no access to mobile signal, straight to the best voice and data experience available,” said Opencell CEO Graham Payne.