HyperGrid claims automated service finds the best cloud tech for any task

Written by David Adams

Service provider HyperGrid has redefined its HyperCloud software with the launch of a new capability within the stack: the ‘software-defined cloud’, which the company claims can assess which of 100 million possible configurations of cloud technology is the perfect one to suit an end user’s needs at a specific time, then automate allocation of each workload. The company says the service can also “cloudify” existing applications.

This is a new USP that the company is hoping will help it stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace for smaller cloud service providers. HyperCloud offers a single platform able to deliver application management, cloud management and optimised infrastructure services, while allowing users to minimise lock-in to a particular vendor and to reduce both the costs and the complexity of managing cloud environments.

HyperGrid claims its HyperCloud Analytics technology – the database that drives the software-defined cloud – can analyse any server, network or storage configuration across a range of public and private clouds, taking into account security and compliance records of individual providers. The product is available in SaaS or on-premise form.

“Organisations need the automation, intelligence and flexibility to use the right cloud for the right workload, but easy ways to adopt the cloud model are missing today – point solutions exist but attempts to knit them together only result in increased complexity,” said HyperGrid chief product officer Manoj Nair. “Our unique approach brings all key capabilities for customers into a single technology stack to reduce risk, minimise operational overhead and dramatically reduce time to value for our customers.”

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