Tablets ensure compliance for collections

Written by Mark Evans

Charity fundraisers are the latest sector to use technology to ensure compliance and standards, with tablet-based software will ensure working hours are maintained and that the working areas are kept to using GPS.

The system, developed by Personal Fundraising Services (PFS), addresses criticism of some fundraising (chugging to some) operatives and has so far been well received by members of the public, giving higher data protection from the tablets, with names, addresses and card details scribbled on a piece of paper now a thing of the past.

Fundraisers’ personal safety has also been improved, as each tablet uses built in GPS so PFS know where they are at all times. Another notable benefit has been the improvements in their interactions with members of the public – perhaps because of greater accountability but also because the tablet allows onscreen demonstrations and video.

Hector Montalvo, a fundraising manager working for PFS, said: “Using a tablet has totally transformed how we fundraise. We are now able to access a huge amount of information on the charity, including videos and photos, meaning we can answer any questions a customer may have before they commit and help people to truly connect to a cause.”