Facebook's fate

Written by Mark Evans

Mark Zuckerberg is facing the second day of questioning following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Zuckerberg’s mea culpa for failing in oversight and responsibility was backed by a promise to make sure Facebook's "tools are used for good" going forward.

Meanwhile the EU response to the misuse of data has been gathering pace, whilst UK MPs are simmering at having been sent a substitute for their hearing.

All in all Facebook has had better months, although its share price has seen some recovery. The likely outcome is that further consumer data protection legislation will appear all over the world, but that it may be hard to effectively create greater privacy given that the technology is converging and consumers seek unified technologies.

During the first day of the hearing Zuckerberg said that he would welcome stronger regulation, if it was the "right regulation." Which really doesn't define much.
Moreover he appeared to hint a future paid-for Facebook to run alongside existing operations.