Cyber threats warning

Written by Mark Evans

Former Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has called on the government to spend more on Britain's Armed Forces, and at the same time, chief of the general staff, General Sir Nicholas Carter, pointed to a return of cold war tensions with Russia and raised the prospect of hostilities between the country and NATO forces.

Speaking at the Defence and Security Forum General Carter called for an extra £1bn to and a 2.5 per cent of GDP target for spending.

General Carter was explicit in his fears that weaponry would now include disruption of the internet, interference with communications and even social disturbance through social media. Although there may be some ‘sabre rattling’ ahead of the Defence Review, the call for funding and warnings come after General Peach also recently warned on the vulnerability of undersea cables, and the US administrations blocking of Kaspersky products.

Given the dependence on technology al such warnings may cause headaches for those seeking to ensure continuity of operations.