London spreads VC investment

Written by Mark Evans

According to company data analysed by Workthere, venture capitalist (VC) investment into start-up companies located in London to the end of Q317, is already 8.6 per cent ahead of the £2.6 billion recorded for the whole of 2016.

Interestingly, Workthere notes that start-ups in the south bank and midtown, which are not generally recognised as core markets for these businesses, have seen a substantial rise in VC investment, with the number of deals transacted in these areas during 2017 expected to represent an average year on year increase of 105 per cent and 81 per cent respectively, since 2013. These growth rates are similar to those seen in the traditional core markets such as Shoreditch and the city core.

Workthere is a venture by Savills introduced to help businesses find flexible, co-working and serviced office space.