Rabobank launches Rabo Frontier Ventures

Written by Mark Evans

Rabobank has revealed its Rabo Frontier Ventures (RFV), a €60 million strategic investment fund to focus on early-stage fintech and food and agriculture companies.

Rabo Frontier Ventures (RFV) is completely financed by Rabobank with the related objective of providing an extra boost for investments in the four related themes of financial cruise control, platform banking, emerging technologies as a business model enabler and data4food.

RFV will support startups, spin-offs and scale-ups to scale up their activities and achieve collective value through partnership relationships with the bank.

RFV has already invested in startups such as we.trade and Peaks, the former based on blockchain technology that facilitates e-commerce trade for the SME sector, the latter a spare-change investment app.

Harrie Vollaard, responsible for Rabo Frontier Ventures: “These innovations benefit both our customers and our long-term vision. RFV provides Rabobank with an added vehicle for working more shoulder-to-shoulder with innovative businesses with the aim of transforming the fintech and food and agriculture sector and building a sustainable and future-proof banking model.’