Orange adopts Cisco NSO

Written by Mark Evans

Orange has adopted Cisco’s Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) software platform to its current and future network as a foundation for infrastructure programmability and automating method of procedure (MOP) operations and customer-facing services.

As service providers prepare for the next wave of network speed, extensive architectural transformation, including the evolution of enterprise services, 5G, and IoT, they also face strong growth in the number of mobile users, business digitisation demands, Internet of Things (IoT) connections and mobile video consumption.

"Cisco's model-driven approach to network automation and service orchestration is enabling Orange to drastically speed delivery of services across our entire lifecycles," said Christian Gacon, vice president, Wireline Networks and Infrastructure, Orange. "Global deployment of Cisco NSO also provides uniform configuration management tools and consumable network APIs for business applications and customer self-service portals."