Intel releases next-gen core processors

Written by NTN staff

Intel has announced new additions to the Eighth Gen Intel Core processor family. The U-series and Y-series are optimised for connectivity.

Now with Gigabit WiFi, Intel has enabled faster PC connectivity, added more intuitive voice experiences and enabled longer battery life needed for the next wave of mobile computing. Intel is delivering fast connectivity with integrated Gigabit WiFi with Intel Wireless-AC for faster sharing, streaming and downloading.

The new 8th Gen Intel Core U-series (formerly code-named Whiskey Lake) and Y-series (formerly code-named Amber Lake) processors are aimed at laptops and 2 in 1 devices. The 8th Gen Intel Core U-series processors bring integrated Gigabit WiFi to thin and light mainstream laptops for the first time, delivering up to 12-times1 faster connectivity speeds. They also offer up to 2-times better performance, compared with a 5-year-old PC, and double-digit gains in office productivity for everyday web browsing and light content creation over the previous generation, according to the chip company.

Both the U-series and Y-series processors have new and improved platform capabilities for more intelligent interactions with PCs, such as support for multiple voice services on the U-series and refinements to improve natural input options like touch and stylus for the Y-series.
Consumers can now download 4k UHD content in under a minute, create, edit and share 4K/360 video content 6.5-times faster, and stream and play games, with extended battery life.

Devices with the new U-series processor can also support Dolby Vision HDR* and Dolby Atmos immersive audio.

The new processors will be available from PC manufacturers beginning this autumn.