Huawei server chip takes aim at the cloud

Written by NTN staff

Huawei has unveiled a new ARM-based server CPU and a new line of servers boasting higher computing power for data centres.

The new chipset, called Kunpeng 920, is designed to go into data centres and will power the company's TaiShan server, which was also launched today.

The Chinese company said the Kunpeng 920 chipset, with 64 cores running at a frequency of 2.6GHz, was designed by Huawei based on an ARMv8 architecture licence and manufactured using the latest 7nm process. At the same time, it is said to reduce energy consumption by more than 30 per cent.

Huawei’s TaiShan series of servers powered by the new CPU comprises three models: one with a focus on storage; another on high-density; and a third balancing the two requirements.

Huawei is not the only company with a 7 nanometer chipset designed for servers; AMD has its own product that it launched last year. But Huawei's latest move puts it in competition with the likes of that semiconductor firm and NVIDIA.

Huawei’s server business shipped 990,000 units in 2018.