Foldable smartphones due by year’s end

Written by NTN staff

Samsung aims to release a foldable smartphone before the end of the year. The foldable phone is expected to open up a new segment in the smartphone market.

Samsung is among the CE companies who have worked on developing foldable displays for several years. Even TV manufacturers are looking to such flexible screens as the future. But Samsung wisely acknowledges that these capabilities have to be meaningful to customers, bringing real benefits as opposed to a short lived fad or gimmick. It seems these will now become apparent very soon.

D.J. Koh, CEO of Samsung's mobile business, said the device is designed to work similar to a tablet when opened up and can be folded shut to fit in a pocket. With the foldable screens, smartphones will be able to go beyond 6.5 inches.

The device will be available globally, with a first view in November at Samsung's Developer Conference.