Esso rolls out new mobile payments app

Written by Anthony Strzalek

Esso has launched a new mobile app that allows customers to securely pay for their fuel at the pump station.

Customers can simply drive up to an Esso fuel pump, open the app from the comfort of their car, select the pump number and authorise the payment (up to a maximum limit) before filling-up. When the customer replaces the nozzle back on the pump, the app confirms the amount paid and automatically emails them a digital receipt.

The system uses cloud-based technology which helps to ensure each transaction is quick and secure to enable customers to authorise payment.

Customers who register their Tesco Clubcard on the app will be automatically credited with Clubcard points for their purchase (at participating sites).

The new app is currently available at 70 service stations, while the firm is continuing to expand the app’s availability to more Esso-branded service station locations across the UK. Using the Fuel Finder function within the app, customers can identify those nearby Esso sites enabled for mobile payment and even get driving directions to the sites.

Christopher Smith, mobile payment and loyalty manager for Esso, said: “Esso is committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience at our stations, and the app has been designed to save time as you don’t need to queue to pay, yet you can still accumulate Clubcard points. This combination of functions distinguishes the Esso App as the next generation of customer payment at Esso-branded service stations.”