Eight out of 10 would use biometric payment cards

Written by Hannah McGrath

Eight out of ten UK banking customers would opt for biometric payment cards for increased security, according to a new study.

A survey of 821 UK cardholders for digital security firm Gemalto revealed that more that half (54 per cent) would be ready to use biometric fingerprint scan cards if they were available from their bank, and 83 per cent said it would become their preferred payment card.

Earlier this month, Societe Generale became the first French bank to announce the roll out of biometric-enabled cards which let users authorise payments with a touch of their finger on a sensor as an alternative to the PIN code. The sensor is powered by mobile point of sales (MpoS) devices.

An overwhelming majority of those asked (88 per cent) suggested that security would be the leading reason for replacing their current payment cards, while 79 per cent said a new card would need to be provided by a trusted bank, 69 per cent said it should be easy to use and 60 per cent said it should simplify their life.

Overall, eight out of 10 consumers believed that a biometric card would offer better convenience and security. One major advantage identified was no need to remember different PIN codes and more opportunities to pay with contactless, thanks to higher spending limits enabled by the increased security offering.

However, while a majority of those asked expressed a preparedness to embrace biometric cards - falling into mainly young contactless users or multi-banking product owners aged 40 to 50 - there remains a third of the population that will need time to adapt to the new technology before they feel confident enough to approve a payment with a fingertip.