Drone detection firm raises $7.5m

Written by Peter Walker

Digital Global Systems (DGS) has raised an additional $7.5 million to improve its CLEARSKY drone threat management solution.

The Series B-3 and B-4 fundraising rounds bring its total investment since inception to more than $28 million.

The firm’s technology delivers detection distances beyond two kilometres, with detection and classification occurring in under two seconds. The systems can also locate both the drone and the controller.

"As the recent incident at Gatwick Airport in the UK demonstrates, these capabilities would have been essential in helping security personnel locate the perpetrators," said Fernando Murias, chief executive of DGS.

Reports of unmanned drones caused holiday travel chaos and disrupted flights for 10,000 travelers at Gatwick, the UK’s second largest airport, during the week before Christmas.

"CLEARSKY is designed to operate in chaotic and noisy RF [radio frequency] environments, such as airports and sports stadiums – market feedback indicates that other counter-drone vendors have trouble operating in these real-world environments,” continued Murias.

With 34 patents issued in the past four years, the company’s technology focuses on providing enhanced asset security through superior RF knowledge, critical for national infrastructure protection.