Credit Suisse gets virtual IT support

Written by Mark Evans

If you work at Credit Suisse and your PC needs to be turned on and off, then it will be the AI of Amelia who will be sighing at your stupidity.

Amelia is the financial services firm’s own in-house virtual agent, developed in partnership with IPsoft, and designed to exhibit human qualities such as emotional awareness. As an example, unlike human IT support ‘she’ actually perceives when people are irritated or frustrated.

Having decided on the AI route, Credit Suisse tasked an in-house team to educate her to the quirks of language, pronunciation, and common IT issues. This naturally required a team with data scientists, neuro-linguistic programmers, neuroscientists, linguists, application builders, business-process analysts and people who have spent a lot of time in customer service.

But the end result is a 24/7 365 assistant, and even if there is a limit to her skills, then at least the most repetitive and common issues can be handled.
Credit Suisse is now considering giving Amelia more language skills so she can be accesses across the globe in any language.