BP doubles supercomputer power to nine petaflops

Written by Mark Evans

BP has announced that it has doubled its computing power in the Center for High-Performance Computing (CHPC) in Houston, making it the most powerful supercomputer in the world for commercial research.

CHPC provides support to BP's upstream business, including industry breakthroughs in advanced seismic imaging and rock physics research to help with reservoir modelling, and to the downstream business for fluid dynamic research to study hydrocarbon flows at refineries and pipelines to improve operational safety.

Working with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) the recent upgrade has boosted the processing speed of the company’s supercomputer from four petaflops to nine petaflops.

Since the CHPC opened in 2013, BP has quadrupled its computing power and doubled its storage capacity and plans to continue expanding its computing capability in 2018.