Apex readies for a brave new future

Written by Mark Evans

Apex Supply Chain Technologies has expanded and opened a new European headquarters in Worcestershire, with nearly three times the area of its two previous facilities combined.

Apex is a specialist in self-service automation systems, and clearly expects demand for self-service devices such as tills at supermarkets to increase. The company serves the retail, restaurants, foodservice, warehousing, logistics, and industrial manufacturing sectors.

“By investing in a larger footprint at a single location for our European operations, Apex is positioned to deliver even greater value to our customers,” says Julian Adams, the company’s CEO. “As our customers and prospects see the positive impact self-serve automation has on operational processes, Apex can more easily meet their changing needs.”

A combination of automation and the rise of AI creates a interesting intersection of technologies, one that might have a far-reaching impact on employment and everyday life.