Amazon unveils in-garage delivery option

Written by Hannah McGrath

Amazon customers will soon have the option to have parcels left in the garage, according to an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Amazon Key service, which is integrated with the Key app, is set to be available to in the US to Prime customers with garages fitted with MyQ technology from the second quarter of 2019, the company said.

An Amazon Key service free offering in-home delivery originally launched in 2017, featuring a smart lock and the Amazon cloud cam, which allowed customers to watch the delivery via an app. An in-car delivery service was launched to Prime customers with compatible models in 37 states across the US in April last year.

The new service will offer an alternative delivery method for consumers and businesses who would prefer packages to be left in their garage to protect packages from theft. Customers will then be able to use the Key app to check whether their garage door is open and close it remotely within the app.

Notifications and an in-garage smart camera will also enable owners to monitor security and garage door openings.

Amazon has also launched the first Wifi-enabled smart lock which connects directly to an internet connection without first the need to go through a smart home hub.