AI's role in the future

Written by Mark Evans

Pega has commissioned a report regarding the adoption of AI into the workplace, with some surprising results.

A globally selected 845 senior executives were polled, representing a wide range of industries, including financial services, insurance, manufacturing, telecoms and media, public sector, healthcare and life sciences, energy and utilities, travel, transport and logistics and retail.

In all, 69 per cent expected the future “workforce” to encapsulate both human employees and intelligent machines and 64 per cent believed AI will allow staff to perform more varied roles by enabling them to find solutions to problems that would previously have been referred up the chain of command.

Perhaps optimistically, a majority (70 per cent) sees a future with AI replacing human workers in administrative roles within a 20-year time frame, but human workers in customer-facing roles is an option to only 41 per cent. Furthermore, automation may not mean humans are displaced from the workforce but rather that they are diverted to other areas of the business. Indeed in a 88 per cent are comfortable with the prospect of working alongside intelligent machines – but 4 out of 5 say they would not like to be managed by AI.