Crypto generation

Written by Mark Evans

One in three Millennials (33 per cent) will be invested in cryptocurrency by the end of next year, overtaking bonds and shares for those aged 18-35.

The figures, released by London Block Exchange) show the huge growth expected in crypto ownership, driven by the younger generations who feel left behind by traditional investments, pensions and the property market.

The study established that five per cent of Millennials already own crypto, 11 per cent are ‘definitely’ planning to invest in 2018 and a further 17 per cent are seriously considering buying digital currencies within 12 months.

The results would make cryptocurrency more popular asset than shares (19 per cent) Bonds (20 per cent), precious metals (19 per cent) or second property (18 per cent) among the under 35s.

London and the North East are the most likely areas of adoption, outranking the stockbroker belt – further adding weight to the concept of it being an investment class for those not already holding ‘traditional’ assets.