Three quarters enable mobile cloud access

Written by Hannah McGrath

Nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of companies now have a majority of employees accessing cloud services via their mobile devices, according to a new study.

A survey of 404 chief information officers (CIOs), chief information security officers (CISOs) and heads of network architecture in the UK, Germany, France and the Benelux region, for network security firm Zscaler, found a growing number of firms are enabling access on mobile devices.

Close to a third (29 per cent) of those surveyed claimed that more than 75 per cent of staff are connected via remote access, as companies look to improve employee flexibility and efficiency of processes.

However, security came top of the concerns organisations had over remote access data and applications, with 80 per cent citing this issue. The primary focus appeared to be on the use of unsecured networks (34 per cent) and unmanaged devices (21 per cent), as well as blanket access to the entire corporate network (20 per cent).

The report also found that digital transformation is predominantly an IT decision, however business decision-makers are increasingly driving this initiative, such as the chief information officer (54 per cent) and chief digital officer (47 per cent). Furthermore, 18 per cent claimed their chief executives are pushing for and owning digital transformation.

The top reasons for embarking on a digital transformation journey were increased flexibility for employees (37 per cent), a new business strategy to focus on core competencies (36 per cent), improved profit margins (36 per cent) and increased cost savings (35 per cent), the survey found.

Stan Lowe, global CISO at Zscaler, said: “Digital transformation is a powerful business enabler with many potential benefits - from added flexibility for employees to cost and efficiency savings - and it must be a process involving input from all aspects of the business, not just IT.”

“With applications moving to the cloud, and users connecting from everywhere, the perimeter is long gone – it’s therefore time to decouple security from the network and use policies that are enforced anywhere applications reside and everywhere users connect.”