Red Hat launches Fuse 7 for enterprise cloud

Written by NTN staff

Red Hat Fuse 7 is the company’s latest release of its distributed, cloud-native integration solution for enterprise cloud migration.

Red Hat, a well-known provider of open source solutions, has introduced a Fuse 7 to make the process of agile integration easier and more effective for enterprise clouds. It claims integrating custom and packaged applications across the hybrid cloud can be a competitive differentiator for organisations today.

Fuse 7 sees Red Hat expanding its integration capabilities natively to the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, a comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform. It said that Fuse gives customers a unified solution for creating, extending and deploying containerized integration services across hybrid cloud environments.

Fuse Online, meanwhile, is Red Hat’s new Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) offering and claims its focus is on ease of use, which should mean diverse users such as integration experts, application developers, and even ‘non-technical citizen integrators’, might independently participate in the integration process using a single platform.

Fuse Online introduces a browser-based graphical interface with ‘low-code’ drag-and-drop capabilities with more than 200 predefined connectors and components based on Apache Camel. It includes more than 50 new connectors for big data, cloud services, and SaaS endpoints, which organisations can adapt and scale for legacy systems, APIs, IoT devices, and cloud-native applications.

Research predicts enterprise digital transformation driving big spending on application infrastructure and middleware as they migrate to cloud platforms and services.