NTT Security and ThreatQuotient to partner

Written by Mark Evans

NTT Security, the security part of NTT Group, is partnering with ThreatQuotient to broaden its threat intelligence capabilities. ThreatQuotient's threat intelligence platform (TIP), ThreatQ, will serve as the cornerstone of NTT Security's new threat intelligence services offering.

The platform's aggregating and correlating of threat data will help form NTT Security threat intelligence to NTT Group clients, through managed security services around the world. Having accurate and timely threat intelligence is a vital part of protection, and the use of human analysis and machine learning capabilities will provide an enhancement of NTT Security's capabilities.

Steven Bullitt, Global VP Threat Intelligence and Incident Response at NTT Security, commented: "Our partnership with ThreatQuotient is designed to help NTT Group clients proactively protect themselves based on the real-world threats they face every day. ThreatQ's built-in integration with many of the leading threat intelligence sources as well as NTT's own detecting and collecting threat intelligence will also enable us and these clients to get the data we need. Meanwhile, the flexible deployment options for ThreatQ will also help clients who want to build out their own capabilities."